Although MNights are cancelled, it does not mean that we can't still produce something GREAT

Here is the solution

What is MSFF?

MSFF is the first-ever virtual Malaysian Student Film Festival endorsed by UKEC scheduled for a Livestream showcase in June 2021. For the past years, many Malaysian societies in universities all over the UK have participated in Malaysian Night, a theatrical production celebrating traditional cultural art forms such as dance and music. Because this year has led to difficulties in executing these productions in enclosed spaces, students will have the chance to showcase a 15-40 minute film in our virtual event. Varying awards judged by external experts in the film industry will be celebrated on the weekend of the festival. It is MSFF’s hope to not only give students a chance to translate traditional MNights into a different medium but also to let these films be a portfolio of well-made student films relating to Malaysian culture. We currently have 12 universities in the UK and Ireland participating in MSFF.

Month-long Showcase

External judges from the film industry

Loads of Awards to be revealed

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